About me

I'm a wedding photographer

Passion and professionalism and...

Those who know me describe me as a very creative and reliable professional, but I trust that I have a childish side that has always stayed curious and capable of feeling a sense of wonder.


I have a deep respect for everything around me. I am grateful to have grown up in a beautiful part of Italy and, since I usually have to work on my own, I thought of involving the newly-weds I photograph in my mission to improve and safeguard the natural environment.

My gift to you

I'll donate a tree to each married couple, through the Treedom website. I believe that planting a seed has strong symbolic value. It represents a new beginning, with the hope that the seed will grow into a tree with strong and firm roots. This is my ardent wish for my married couples; a joyful beginning to a life full of love and shared values.